Roger G Lippross  

   Our new typesetting system, that we use to set all five languages of the PT, is now beginning to pay off. Complete typeset pages are now coming off our new equipment. This is proving to be a big time saver in our paste-up and film assembly areas.

   Just this week a problem has re-occurred in our PT newsstand distribution system. Some areas are not sticking to the official policy for newsstand distribution. This was referred to in my statement in the Pastor's Report dated February 5, 1979. I mentioned then that the only distribution system approved by Mr. Armstrong is the regular newsstand program. Some areas are resorting to many different ideas, none of which have been checked out with us in Pasadena. Once again, we MUST NOT put PT's in people's mail boxes — this is against U.S. Post Office regulations and is offensive to the potential reader. We do not want to force ourselves or our message on anybody.

   Please be sure that your Plain Truth coordinators are aware of this.

Roger G. Lippross, Director of Publishing

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Pastor General's ReportApril 02, 1979Vol 3 No. 11