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   In its efforts to set a precedent in the courts through its actions against the Worldwide Church of God, the California Attorney General's office has decided to challenge the individual sureties presented to the court on March 16th and accepted by Judge Title. In ordering a second receiver to be put over the Church, Title said that a $1 million money bond would stay (neutralize) the receivership pending appeal. When the membership in California unexpectedly came up with more than double the needed bond in the form of sureties ($2,374,307 worth of sureties were presented to the court), the Attorney General said his office was "stymied." However, at the last moment the state exercised its option to contest the individual pledges, which now total in excess of $3,800,000.

   The Church's attorneys welcome this opportunity to have the member's heard from in court to verify the value of their signed pledges. In the ensuing hearings (which could take weeks), many members may be called upon to show proof of personal wealth pledged on their signed declarations. It is expected that this forum will give members opportunity to express themselves about how they feel concerning the actions of state officials who actually said that "church members don't matter"! (As we go to press we have learned that hearings on this matter will begin tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd.)

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Pastor General's ReportApril 02, 1979Vol 3 No. 11