Roger G Lippross  

   Good managers are hard to find. And when you find one, particularly one with previous experience in printing and publishing, you try not to lose him. Such a person is Steve Etherton who has been managing the production and prepress end of our publications in our old press building. Steve left us last week to further his career in publishing and is now employed by a company here in Southern California. I want to thank Steve for his many years of extremely hard, dedicated work and wish him success in his new job.

   Steve's leaving has meant some reorganization and new opportunities for others, including myself. At the moment I'm trying to handle my job and Steve's old job at the same time. Fortunately we have a great team of supervisors who are now carrying additional loads. In the meantime we are redistributing the various responsibilities here in publishing. We are gong to try to absorb Steve's job without re-employing.

   The first edition of the new 16-page newsstand promotional Plain Truth has just been printed in Glasgow, Kentucky and is now being distributed. Although it was produced at rather short notice, we are all pleased with it. Since we'll have more time to prepare the next issue, we will be able to use shorter articles so as to appeal to a potentially wider readership. By the way, we are not planning to combine any issues of the newsstand magazine this year because of the generally lower response and difficulties in distributing the same magazine for two months. Instead we will produce a separate newsstand issue in those months when the subscription edition is combined. It will use existing art and articles to reduce costs.

Roger Lippross

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 27, 1979Vol 3 No. 10