John Lundberg  

   On Sunday, March 18, 1979, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong began a new series of TV programs dealing with various aspects of the Work, including the current confrontation between the Worldwide Church of God and the State of California. Mr. Art Gilmore, longtime friend of Mr. Armstrong and announcer for our radio and television programs for almost 40 years, interviewed Mr. Armstrong concerning the attempted State takeover and events leading up to January 3.

   Questions dealing with religious freedom, state accountability, and the Guyana mentality were among the many topics covered during the hour and 45 minutes of interview.

   Dick Quincer and Larry Omasta feel we will be able to extract three half-hour programs from the material which was videotaped at Mr. Armstrong's home. It is their feeling that these programs will be very effective in acquiring response from our viewing audience. The home atmosphere and intimacy of the interview situation between Mr. Gilmore and Mr. Armstrong will give the programs appeal and therefore even greater effectiveness. The technical quality of the production was greatly enhanced by our ability to more effectively control the lighting in that setting.

   Since last June, 39 new H.W.A. half-hour TV programs have been edited. We have one sermon-type program left to edit, as well as the three interview-type programs recorded on March 18, for a total of 43.

John Lundberg, Media Division

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 27, 1979Vol 3 No. 10