Roger G Lippross  

   The second printing of Mr. Herbert Armstrong's book, The Incredible Human Potential, is about to hit the commercial book world. Our own publishing house, "Everest House," will publish and distribute through the book trade. The book has a royal blue cover this time and has been re-typeset to make it more commercially acceptable to the book buying public. We have timed the publication for the big spring book buying market.

   The prestigious New York Academy of Sciences has given our Everest House book, Color in Plants and Flowers by John and Susan Proctor, an "honorable mention." This means that the academy, with a membership of 28,000 scientists, has selected the book as one of the ten best science books of the year. There will be a formal presentation in New York on April 17.

   Roger Lippross, Publishing Services Director

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 19, 1979Vol 3 No. 9