The crisis with the receivership for the past several weeks brought the mail to God's Work to a very point. Here is a quick summary of how the mail has fluctuated during the past weeks:

   Feb 2 32,404 letters, cards, etc.
   Feb 9 34,844 letters, cards, etc.
   Feb 16 19,868 letters, cards, etc.
   Feb 23 12,204 letters, cards, etc.
   Mar 2 18,967 letters, cards, etc.
   Mar 9 28,173 letters, cards, etc.
   Mar 16 25,000 approx. letters, cards, etc.

   The recent increases in our mail (especially during the weeks of March 9 and 16) have been helped by the resumption of PLAIN TRUTH renewal mailings from the Circulation Department. Responses are also coming in to a recent "Co-Worker Newsletter, I' and literature offer to PLAIN TRUTH subscribers.

   The responses to Mr. Armstrong's co-worker and member letters are reported as being exceptionally good — but since they are going directly to other offices, we have no definite statistics on them here in MPC.

   A note of special interest: around 8,000 special donation letters (not included in the tabulation above) from brethren responding to the cash bond appeal were processed by MPC last week.

   Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 19, 1979Vol 3 No. 9