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   A new idea has been born which should help to solve our brethren's yearning for later news of events in God's Work, especially during these trying times when each day seems to bring new surprises in the Church's confrontation with the state of California.

   During Mr. Rader's report to members who attended special services in the Hall of Administration last Thursday evening, the brethren expressed their desire for regular updates on what is happening in the Work of God. Even though the Worldwide News has contained fine indepth reports, they complained that the news is dated by two to three weeks when they get it.

   Although the ministry is being kept up to date through the Pastor's Report, we now have a way to put late news contained in its pages into a special weekly "News Summary" which the brethren can receive in church every Sabbath!

   The "News Summary" will usually be two pages (a single sheet of paper) duplicated locally in advance of the Sabbath every week, and then distributed to all heads of households at services on the Sabbath. (Perhaps a small donation of a dollar or so per person per year in each local area would take care of all paper and duplicating costs in each church.)

   Expanded coverage of all summarized news, plus additional related articles and reports, will continue to appear as usual in the Worldwide News approximately every other week.

Pastor's Report Staff

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 19, 1979Vol 3 No. 9