Ron Dick  

S.E.P. Camp this year is still on. By cutting the staff by 30% and raising the tuition to $300 per session we can still operate much as usual.

The tuition raise may seem rather steep to some until it is compared to the inflation rate over the same three years since the last raise took place. The increase doesn't come close to breaking even with actual costs but it will help. Even with an increase in tuition, the church is subsidizing each camper to the tune of nearly $300.

With these changes we still expect to have a paid staff and a top quality program as in the years past.

Gossip Word has come back to us that some pastors announced after the conference that Y.O.U. was being phased out. We did not mean to give that impression when we stated that the national sports activities had been cut until finances permitted them to be reestablished.

Some damage has been done to our income as a result of that word as some may have decided to stop donating since they thought the program no longer existed. If you know of any who feel Y.O.U. has been wiped out, perhaps you can set the record straight.

One other juicy one that comes to us from around Southern California and the Pacific Northwest is that Jim Thornhill has been fired. So far as we know this is not true. He still comes to work each day and still receives a paycheck.

Isn't that true, Jim? He says "Yes, I'm still here." So much for that one.

"Now You Know" Special A special issue of "Now You Know" is coming out soon. In it will be a total update on all the facets of Y.O.U., as well as special editorials on pertinent subjects. A detailed article on Y.E.S. will outline our progress to date. A complete financial picture for Y.O.U. and how the cuts have affected the program will also be included. Plans for S.E.P. and a complete report on how and when to apply as a camper or a worker will be included.

Y.O.U. Income For whatever reasons are involved, the donations from the youth have fallen drastically! From January 1, to January 31, the income dropped from $5800 per week to $90 per week. If the reason lies in confusion as to where and how to donate, please remind your teens to mail them to the address Mr. Armstrong has specified for tithes and offerings in his recent letters. Tell them to mark clearly their age somewhere on or with the contribution.

It was reconfirmed this week that all youth donations will continue to be dedicated to the Church's youth programs as they are considered vital to the growth and welfare of families in the Church.

General Most of the basketball regionals were scheduled this weekend and last. It is being reported that all is going very well at the competitions and the occasions are being used to have special Sabbath meetings with many churches being represented. It is a time when the youth can take special part in services since so many of them are present for the special event.

Y.O.U. took a 33% budget cut, but is still moving forward. We would like to be able to reestablish national sports before track season if possible, but that will depend on how soon our income can stabilize. Hopefully your encouragement to the teens will stimulate them to continue their contributions as in the past. Maybe next issue we can report some great news for Y.O.U. national sports.

óRon Dick

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 27, 1979Vol 3 No. 6