Now that the receivership has been lifted and the turmoil created by it has died down somewhat, we will try to get The Worldwide News back on our regular schedule and re-establish second class mailing. We have sent all issues since the beginning of this crisis to co-workers in addition to members and hope that this has helped them understand the events of the past eight weeks.

Our next issue is scheduled for printing on March 12, with members receiving that issue during the following two weeks by second class mailing. Hopefully we will be able to maintain a regular biweekly printing schedule after that.

If any of you have material you would like to submit to The Worldwide News, please send it as soon as possible after the event or well before our next printing date so we can plan space for it.

The Good News magazine will also continue to. be printed on schedule with no foreseeable changes. We welcome your input on both publications.

The Worldwide News wishes to thank all Pastors who have responded to our pen-pal, prayer request questionnaire. We are hoping for more responses before we begin tabulating the results, so there is still time for you to return your questionnaire if you haven't already done so.

We should point out that two questions on the questionnaire have answers that don't make any sense... but you know that already. Instead of "yes______, No______, Not sure______," to the question "WOULD YOU PREFER THAT PRAYER REQUESTS BE HANDLED IN THE LOCAL CHURCH OR IN THE PAGES OF THE WN?" the answers were meant to be "Locally______, WN______, Both______." And to our question "HOW SPECIFIC SHOULD A PRAYER REQUEST BE IN THE PAPER?" the answers were originally intended to be "General______, More descriptive______, Name only______."

We are embarrassed to no end and hope you will overlook this oversight on our part. Perhaps you would like to answer a question we are asking ourselves just now: "WHAT HAPPENED?" You blew it______, Cheer up, everybody makes mistakes______, Don't let it happen again______. What questionnaire?______.

—D.H. Faulkner; GN, WN Editorial

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 27, 1979Vol 3 No. 6