In spite of the recent difficulties imposed on the Work, mail received during January was the highest we've gotten in two years! The following is a quick recap:

   January 1977 — 153,112 letters
   January 1978 — 154,915 letters
   January 1979 — 165,794 letters

The reason for this large influx of mail, of course, is mainly due to the fact that we initiated a lot of mailings to our subscribers in December and early January. A good portion of these responses were to PLAIN TRUTH renewal letters and a semi-annual letter from Mr. Armstrong. Because our mailings have been curtailed during January, however, we do not anticipate a high volume of mail during February.

Outpouring of Support for Mr. Armstrong Since about the middle of January, the vast majority of all member mail coming through MPC has mentioned the current legal situation. At this point, about 3,000 letters have been tabulated by our Comments Section — and the number of letters continues to climb fast as more and more members write in. Virtually ALL letters are very supportive of Mr. Armstrong.

Most of the letters we have seen fall into one or more of the following comment summaries:

   1. Praying for Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Rader.
   2. Standing behind Mr. Armstrong 100%.
   3. Encouragement to Mr. Armstrong to be strong. God will give the victory.
   4. Use God's money to preach the gospel.
   5. The writers know that Mr. Armstrong is God's Apostle.

Also, many letters are being received from regular subscribers inquiring about what is happening here in Pasadena. (Most have seen only sketchy news clippings in their local papers, etc. Most members are aware by now of what has happened).

—Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportFebruary 05, 1979Vol 3 No. 3