Federal Communications Commission LetterFederal Communications Commission Letter
Pastor General Staff  

   Mr. Meredith has requested that this letter be included 1n the Pastoral Newsletter, and that each pastor make copies available for all the members in his church area.

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   It is time to get out your "signing pen" again, as Madeline O'Hara is at it again. This time she is on the move to censure the religious messages being carried on radio and television. Her efforts to erode the faith of Jew, Christian, Moslem or Hindu stems from her lack of faith in God, it has been said, and she has even acknowledged that she is out to wipe out all that pertains to God.

   Don't take this lightly. You may remember that she succeeded in making it illegal to read the Bible or pray in public schools, and she protested the decision of the astronauts to read the Bible broadcast from the spacecraft.

   Now the Federal Communication Commission has stated that they must receive no less than a million letters to keep the religious programs on the air. So here is what we MUST DO: Sign, cut out and mail the form below. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN MR. & MRS. Let each adult sign one separately and mail it in — NOW.

   You may be aware that good governments are lost because good people do NOTHING. Freedoms are lost because good people do NOTHING. If we are to stay free, the good people must ACT POSITIVELY. Please sign the following letter. Get your friends to copy and sign. Let's get ONE MILLION OR MORE LETTERS in to the FCC and let the good people speak.

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Federal Communications Commission
1919 "M" Street
Washington, D.C. 20054


   I am an American and proud of my heritage. I am also very much aware of the place religious faith has played in the freedom we, as Americans, now enjoy.

   Therefore, I protest any human effort to remove from radio or television any programs designed to show faith in Almighty God or a Supreme Being.


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Pastor General's ReportJanuary 30, 1979Vol 3 No. 2