Roger G Lippross  

As of today, Monday January 30th, the presses are still rolling, the Gospel is still going out. In spite of opposition from powers in the highest places, the 45th anniversary issue of the Plain Truth is now being mailed out from our printer in Kentucky. Whether we print the next issue of the Plain Truth and Good News depends right now on our ability to pay our bills.

1978 has been a very successful year of growth for the Plain Truth. We added nearly half a million new subscribers which is about 100,000 more than last year. 53% of these came from newsstands, 31% from TV, 8% from radio, and the rest from miscellaneous sources. This year our goal is to increase the number of new subscribers by 60%.

It was very difficult to keep things moving during the "seige" which still continues, but the various departments did a tremendous job to get this latest issue into the mail. Many of our men and women came back at night to make up time lost during the disruptions of the day. People back here in Pasadena are striving to keep the Work going.

—Roger Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportJanuary 30, 1979Vol 3 No. 2