Mail Summary: Mail for this December is exceptional. Although our mail count for the year is down slightly when compared with last year, mail for the month is up 57%! Many things are contributing to this good mail flow: renewals to The PLAIN TRUTH are coming in at about 2,000 a day; requests for Mr. Armstrong's book, The Incredible Human Potential, have come in very well; and other mailings to subscribers are producing a good response — which all adds up to keeping MPC employees very busy. Mail for the year now stands at about 1,766,000 pieces.

"Modern Romans" TV Spot Ad Still Proving Fruitful: Last month we mentioned some of the good results which have come from the series of "Modern Romans" TV spot commercials which were run during last summer. As it happens, there is still more good news to report:

The first two new members resulting from these commercials were recently baptized! As far as we know, these two new people had no knowledge of the Church or our Work until they heard the "Modern Romans" spot ad. And, although only a few months time has elapsed during which they could read The PLAIN TRUTH and other biblical literature, they apparently soon came to see where God is working, were convicted by God's Spirit, and were baptized. Even though the numbers are not large to begin with, this is still good fruit.

Twenty-one new Co-workers have also resulted from the "Modern Romans" commercials. And the original count of 98 Donors has now grown to 268. The PLAIN TRUTH response has also been excellent. Over 20% of all the people who came on file through these spot ads have responded to request The PLAIN TRUTH.

"Hats Off" for a Job Well Done: In closing, we want to express our sincerest gratitude to Dexter Faulkner and the staff of The GOOD NEWS and "Worldwide News" for the excellent service and help they have given to Subscriber Development. Their contribution in producing the "Co-Worker Newsletter" and "Sermon Summaries" have been MUCH appreciated!

—Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 47