Stanley R Rader & Ralph K Helge  

It has come to our attention that among other means GTA has now started what appears to be a telephone calling campaign in an attempt to destroy the faith of some members. He is making not only false but vile accusations against the brethren.

It is clear that God holds the Church responsible for preserving the flock; that the Church has a duty to prevent the flock from being led into tribulation or eternal death.

The Church has now had to determine what is the most effective means of protecting the flock from this Satanic attack of false and vile accusations. It has been concluded that refuting each false and vile rumor is not in all cases an adequate means of carrying out its solemn obligation.

The Church has now determined that in order to adequately discharge its duty to preserve the flock, the Church must and will file suit against GTA or his associates under the appropriate circumstances, in order to stop the physical source of the rumors. Such action will be taken against any person who would lend themselves as an instrument of Satan to destroy the flock.

Ted Armstrong has not only been disfellowshipped but is likewise spreading false doctrine or doctrine which is false as applied. Therefore, in the first instance the brethren should not be receiving calls or any other communications from him or his associates (II Jn. 10, Rom. 16:17).

If, however, for any reason such communications have been received in the past or, for any reason are received in the future, the Church is now requesting that all such communications be forwarded to the Church's legal office. As we can assume that a countermeasure Satan would inspire at this point would be to temporarily suspend the false and vile accusations, or to contact people to whom they were made and request that they alter the accusations that were told or not respond to this request.

Therefore, we would emphasize the importance of furnishing information regarding accusations already made as well. Further, we would call to the attention of all the brethren, ministers and members alike, of the spiritual obligation imposed upon the Christian of coming forth as a witness with any facts he knows or has heard of (Lev. 5:1).

Therefore, each and every person who has or does receive a letter or telephone call or any other type of communication, from GTA, or any of his associates, making accusations against God's Church is now being asked to forward the following information regarding the matter to the Church's Legal Office:

Please include the approximate date of the communications, who was involved in the communication, and exactly what was said. If the communication was in writing or taped, please forward a copy.

If it would appear that some of the brethren are likely to fall away by virtue of certain false and vile accusations, and that simply refuting them will not appear likely to prevent this injury, then with this information appropriate action can and will be taken.

So there is no misunderstanding brethren, it must be understood that if legal action is taken, it is not for the purpose of vengeance but simply to discharge the Church's duty to preserve the flock. Further, if the issues were only matters of doctrine, then it would be left to the ministry to carry out one of their primary duties to protect the flock by refuting and stopping the mouth of the gain-sayer.

This reporting requirement should be considered as being in addition to any other reporting obligation to any other person or department you may have presently.

—Stanley R. Rader
Ralph K. Helge

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 47