1978 was a year of "growing pains" and changes in the Work, yet at the same time, it was a period of accomplishment and achievement! Good fruit has been borne as the Gospel has been preached and God's Word has been made known to the world under Mr. Herbert Armstrong's renewed leadership. Tremendous good is being accomplished in the lives of many of the MILLIONS of people who are reached by all facets of this Work every year!

It's almost staggering to realize that since Mr. Armstrong made the first "World Tomorrow" program back in 1934, approximately one-half BILLION pieces of literature have been mailed to people who have heard our programs! (This includes The PLAIN TRUTH and GOOD NEWS magazines, booklets, Correspondence Course lessons, reprint articles, co-worker letters, etc.).

We thought you would be interested to know that during the past eleven months (January to November):

   In the United States alone, we mailed out a total of 7.6 million PLAIN TRUTH magazines, and distributed an additional 9 million copies on newsstands.

   1.1 million copies of the GOOD NEWS Were circulated.

   4 million pieces of gospel literature were distributed.

   9 million letters were mailed.

   730,000 Bible Correspondence Course lessons were sent.

   We filled 77,000 requests for Mr. Armstrong's new book, The Incredible Human Potential.

Also in 1978, we received 1.8 million letters plus 450,000 telephone calls on our toll-free line. All told, 600,000 new people were added to our mailing list and 64,000 enrolled in the Bible Correspondence Course.

I hope this brief summary can be encouraging to you as it is to us in MPC.

— Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 12, 1978Vol 2 No. 46