Roger G Lippross  

Several reports have come in from various Plain Truth distribution areas about the fact that some are frustrated because Pasadena is not supplying church areas with more Plain Truth magazines. Others have even told their people to prepare for immediate distribution of over one million more copies of the magazine.

I think it would be good if I mentioned again our plans for the coming year and for future growth. Firstly, at no time have I or my staff said that we would definitely be increasing our circulation beyond the January 1979 level. (See my comment in Pastor's Report dated September 11, 1978). To my knowledge, neither Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Rader nor anybody else have said that we would be increasing newsstand distribution immediately. What we have all said is that we hope to take our circulation to over 3 million copies as soon as possible. The "possible" depends, obviously, on two things: 1) the availability of funds for expansion of our print order and 2) from my point of view, as manager of the program, our collective ability as good stewards to handle more magazines from a cost effective point of view. While it is true that most areas do manage their Plain Truth allotments very well, using careful placement and monitoring, some areas and individuals are lax and frankly are not handling things as they should.

Our position then in Publishing is that even if more funds were made available right now, we would want a tightening up in the way in which some areas are handling their allotments of magazines. Plus there are other P.T. promotional programs we want to get into in addition to newsstand distribution. (See my comments in September 5th Pastor's Report regarding direct mail).

To help me improve our service and direction to newsstand co-ordination teams, I have appointed Boyd Leeson, who has worked for some years in Plain Truth Circulation. He will be responsible to me for Plain Truth distribution which includes the Newsstand Department.

— Roger Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 12, 1978Vol 2 No. 46