Bruce B Douglass  

I studied your book at least a chapter a day after the Feast. What a revelation just to see how much new understanding God has given us thru you in the last few years. You have put it all together so plain and simple and stirred up the desire in me to yield to God more for the power to fulfill our potential. Please continue to lead us and inspire us.

— Robert E. Curry, Arlington, VA

It's simply a fantastic book. It has given me a renewed feeling of dignity and value. I'm more excited than ever about our mission on earth and I can feel the importance and value of every human life. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. You set a fine example for the rest of us.

— Mrs. K. Bell, Chichester, NH

I thank God for inspiring you to write The INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL. I have never felt more positive and happy in understanding my calling. I'm on page 146 and just stopped to write you.... Thanks for all the time you took to write this most inspiring book. I don't think I ever really understood my calling until now. It makes me want to fight and work harder, more than ever before.

— Mrs. Frances Tabladillo, Agoura, CA

I have just finished reading your book and want to say thank you for putting these wonderful truths into such simple, yet beautiful, understanding. Truly, God has inspired you and will inspire you in your future books to be written.

— Mrs. Paul Meister, Tecumseh, NE

Your presentation of Jesus' gospel message is so clear anyone should be able to understand. I hope that people by the millions will read it. No more timely message could have been published anywhere.

— Grace E. Naghel, Rohnert Park, CA

Now I can see why you said the book you wrote is the most important book written since the Bible. It is filled with both old and new truth that can be proved thru the pages of the Bible. I am not a fast reader but I read this one in just three sittings. I intend to read it as often as I need to, to keep it fresh in my mind. Keep up the good work, we're behind you 100%.

— Yves Martin, New York, NY

I have your book and I find it everything you said it was and more. You are truly the man God has called and chosen to reveal His Truth. I don't know of and have never known of, any man to be able to write and know the things this man writes and knows.

— LaVerne C. West, New Orleans, LA

Thank you so much for your new book. It was a wonderful Feast gift from you. I sat down and read it as soon as I got home. It was a real inspiration to me and I'm sure it will be to everyone. It made our transcendent purpose more clear than ever before and put so many of our beliefs in one solid perspective that people outside the Church will get the best idea of what the Bible is saying. Thanks again for your tireless work and concern.

— Yvonne Braidec, Torrance, CA

I'm so glad you wrote the book, I just finished reading the chapter on "Why the Church." We (especially myself) need reminding of the three points; one, that we in the church are called to back you and the ministry in announcing God's Kingdom; two, that we need the instruction of the Church to grow to perfection; and three, that with whatever gifts we have we should build up the Church (the people in the Church).

— Ronald Olson, Lakewood, CA

Thank you so very much for giving us a copy of The INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL. I began reading it at the Feast and have started the second go-through. This is a book that will be helpful to so many millions now and in the age soon to come. Thank you for writing it. You have presented the truth of the GOOD NEWS of God in a fascinating manner. I have found many inspirational passages in the book. There is new light and truth in your words which had not yet crossed my mind.

— Daniel Vanriper, Bastrop, TX

I would like to thank you for the precious truth revealed in your book. I just want to say that after reading this book, I had to ask myself, what have I been doing these past ten years in the Church? I felt like it was all finally put together beautifully and made me stop and think that maybe these ten years in this Church have been wasted — that I hadn't really been using all the potential I've been given. I plan to try to really rededicate myself to God and to use all my talents.

— Mrs. Albert W. Moore, San Mateo, CA

I've read it through once and was let down when I carne to the last page, as I did not want it to end, so I'm reading it a second time and getting more from it as I am taking more care to get all you have written into my mind. It's a beautiful book and I am very thankful to have it in my home.

— Bruce B. Douglass, Clatskanie, OR

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 06, 1978Vol 2 No. 45