Ron Dick  

The youth conference is now taking definite shape. We have two full weeks before the first representatives arrive. In all there will be 550 youths at the conference. By some miracle nearly half are boys and the other half, the other half!

The reps come from all 50 states representing 290 churches in the U.S. and 14 churches from 17 foreign countries. Forty youths are coming from countries not on the North American continent.

Leadership is the theme for this year's conference. All the lectures and workshops are designed to relate to that theme. The program will include lectures and workshops on "peer pressure and leadership," "how to get along with peers and adults," "the importance of leadership," "communication and motivation," "overcoming a negative background," "preparing for one's career," "personal presentation and leadership," "organizing a successful activity group," "news reporting for your local chapter," "Christian living for the youth leader," and "three phases of preparation for adulthood."

In addition to these specific subjects will be a question and answer period chaired by Mr. Wayne Cole, a special meeting of each regional coordinator with all the reps from his region, a workshop to carefully examine the Y.O.U. manual, a presentation by Ambassador College officials on the upcoming program for the college, a series of reports from the reps from overseas chapters, and a special presentation on S.E.P. and the opportunities it affords to the youth in service and recreation.

The speakers for this year's program are Mr. Wayne Cole, Mr. Raymond McNair, Mr. Dave Antion, Dr. George Geis, Dr. Robert Oberlander, Mr. Les Stocker, Mr. Greg Albrecht, Dennis Robertson, Vernon Hargrove, Joe Horchak, Dan Bierer, Tim Love, Mr. Jim Thornhill and the Y.O.U. staff, and all 12 regional coordinators. In addition, to our in-house speakers, our guests will include Dr. Marty Baren, Mr. Ron La Flore, Mr. Paul Yearout, Ms. Alys Swan and Mr. Jack Ferrel.

Mr. Armstrong had planned to give the keynote address on the Sabbath, but will be in Jerusalem at that time and therefore unable to be with us. Mr. Wayne Cole will give the address in Mr. Armstrong's stead.

Other Related Matters of Interest

Everyone will be housed on campus (many will be on mattresses on the floor, but all will be comfortable). Evening entertainment will consist of a trip to Disneyland, one semi-formal dance, one casual dance, and a game evening that defies labels!

— Ron Dick, Y.O.U.

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 06, 1978Vol 2 No. 45