Since December 1977 the "Sermon Summaries" offered with weekly and monthly receipts have been some of the best pulling literature advertised by Subscriber Development.

The Receipt Program works essentially like this: first-time donors, and donors who contribute to Ambassador College or Worldwide Church of God, receive a weekly receipt at the time they donate. (Regular contributors, such as members and co-workers, receive receipts on a monthly basis.) And, with the receipt form, we also enclose a descriptive card which offers a current "Sermon Summary" on the Bible, prophecy, Christian living, family relations, etc. These summaries are brief condensations of selected sermons given in local headquarters churches — and in appearance resemble small reprint articles. (Member receipts do not include these. "Sermon Summary" articles, since the summaries are being printed in the Good News tabloid.)

Response has been very good for these summaries! Since the program began, over 134,000 summaries have been sent out. Here is a brief breakdown of how different facets of the Receipt Program have been doing:

First-time receipts advertise "What Is The True Gospel?" This receipt has been averaging 16% response from basically brand new first-time donors.

Ambassador College receipts advertising Sermon Summaries are averaging a 24% response.

Worldwide Church of God weekly receipts are pulling an average 21% response as a result of Sermon Summaries.

Non-member monthly receipts, which go to our best co-workers, are producing a 30% response average.

Obviously, we are pleased with the results to this point — and, with God's blessing, we hope the program can continue to produce good fruit in the lives of individuals and for the Work. It is interesting that forty-six percent of the total income produced from Subscriber Development mailings is coming from the Receipt Program. The inspired messages of God's ministers, as capsulized in these Summaries, are truly giving the people good spiritual food and they appreciate it very much.

— Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 06, 1978Vol 2 No. 45