Recent issues of the "Co-Worker Newsletter" included attractive flyers and response cards advertising two new reprint series: "Christian Living" and "Biblical Prophecy." Coworkers have already turned in high responses for these two series of articles. The "Christian Living" series brought in an 11.1% response and the "Biblical Prophecy" series brought 11.6%.

The good response to these series can be attributed to. the fact that they answer spiritual needs in the lives of our readers — and the fact that they are timely! In a world where governments are toppling, monetary collapse seems area l possibility, the energy crisis looms larger and larger, the Middle East remains an area of uneasy tension and various spots around the world seem ready to explode... in times like these people are searching for answers. Many are ready to read our publications and they respond excitedly to the offers we send to them.

Some of the titles in these two new series are: "Whatever Happened to Basic Christianity?," "Why Aren't You More Christ-Centered?" "Christians Have Lost Their Power," "How To Deal With People Who Have Faults," "Can Prophecy Fail?" "Christ The Revelator," "Armageddon In Your Lifetime?" "Watch The Middle East," etc.

We are grateful for the response we are receiving to our literature offers. We hope they will stimulate many to become more informed about the Work's mission and become much more involved with us.

— Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 15, 1978Vol 2 No. 42