Roger G Lippross  

The last-minute plans for a Plain Truth newsstand meeting at each feast site this year turned out to be a great success. Over 500 were in total attendance, which was much larger than anticipated.

Many ideas were discussed and reactions to some of the points were common to all Feast sites. Every area stressed the need for Plain Truth covers to be oriented toward the first time reader. This initial impact is very important to the newsstand program as most of our contacts are first time readers. Brian Knowles and I are working on this. The need for more communication between headquarters and those involved in the newsstand program was also expressed at each site. We are hoping to start up some kind of regular newsletter to breach the feedback gap.

It was a great opportunity for representatives to exchange ideas and express their thoughts to headquarters. All present felt they gained a great deal from the contact with others performing the same job nationwide. The feedback was also much appreciated here at headquarters and many positive steps are planned for the months ahead. We'll be getting back to you on this later. Thanks for your dedicated enthusiasm.

Roger Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 08, 1978Vol 2 No. 41