Pastor General's Report
Greetings fellow ministers!Greetings fellow ministers!

   Things continue to move along at a rapid pace. On August 31 a board meeting was conducted on the campus at Bricket Wood. For any official board action it is necessary that three members of the board from the United States be present in the meeting. (Les McCullough, Raymond McNair and I were there for this meeting.)

   The principle purpose was, of course, to pass a resolution for the sale of the campus. I won't go into detail concerning the pending sale as I feel it would be presumptuous on my part. It would be better if Mr. Brown would write this up for you as events develop — and it does look like a sale will be finalized soon.

   At this time let it suffice to say that it appears the campus will be sold for a relatively good price. If this is God's will and we believe it is — then we trust He will give His continued blessing to the pending transaction.

   Mr. McCullough returned to Canada before the weekend following the meeting and, I believe, met with some of the ministers in the Toronto area.

   Raymond McNair and I stayed over the weekend so we could speak in church services — Mr. McNair spoke to the London church and I spoke to the Bricket Wood congregation.

   On Sunday, September 3rd, we had a meeting with the ministry attending from every area of Britain· and some from the continent. Mr. and Mrs. Bram Debree, recently moving from Montreal-Quebec to take up the duties of directing the Work in the Netherlands, were present. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bode, recently having moved to Germany from south Africa, were also present. Mr. Bode is now the office and business manager in the Bonn office. George Kovanis from Greece was there as well. It was my first opportunity to meet Mr. Kovanis, a graduate from Ambassador College who now lives in Athens, Greece. Mr. Kovanis came to the conference so Mr. Brown and I could further acquaint ourselves with the potential for any future work in Greece, At the present time a small group of 8 or 10 members meets every Sabbath in Athens and listens to tapes sent to them either from Pasadena (Mr. Armstrong's tapes) or from Bricket Wood.

   The conference we held on September 3 was an update session. Mr. McNair and I were able to comment on the many questions that came up both of an administrative and doctrinal nature. According to comments heard later, the ministers and wives present appreciated this opportunity to communicate face to face with a couple of people from Headquarters.

   We hope to do more of this type of work in meeting the leaders and representatives of the Work around the world as time permits and as we see the need.

   This past week — September 5th through 8th — we had an Area Coordinators' conference here in Pasadena. Whenever this group gets together there is no end to the conversations and discussions that take place. We could talk for weeks about subjects of common interest.

   The main purpose of this conference was to discuss future manpower considerations and then to discuss the state of the ministry and the Church and share ideas about how to do our jobs more effectively in the wake of all that has happened.

   Mr. Herbert Armstrong spoke to the Area Coordinators plus a small number of additional Headquarters personnel on Friday. He emphasized the need for us all to work effectively in building the faith of God's people, trusting God and Christ more in every trial and need.

   One other event I want to mention is a buffet-cocktail hour and dance held in honor of the ministers and wives in on Sabbatical this year. This event was conducted in the Grove Terrace lounge and seemed to be enjoyed by all present.

   Our fellow ministers who spend a few months with us while here on Sabbatical are deeply appreciated and welcome. Perhaps more can be done throughout their stay to make them feel like part of the local scene.

   Every minister (unless there is an extraordinary exception) who is here on Sabbatical is an experienced "veteran" and capable minister. He has been actively on the job in the ministry for anywhere from seven to fifteen or more years. A man doesn't come in on Sabbatical until he has spent a good number of years "on the job."

   These men should be shown the honor, the recognition and the esteem they rightly have earned. They may be here in classes now, but this brief respite is only an interlude between very active, meaningful and fruitful roles in God's Work in scattered places throughout the world.

   This current group of ministers on Sabbatical here in Pasadena will, in a few months' time, literally go to the "four corners of the earth" to occupy significant positions in God's Work. I wonder if we have thought much about that. It certainly is true! Well, that does it for this time. God be with you.

Your Servant in Christ,
C. Wayne Cole

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 11, 1978Vol 2 No. 35