Pastor General's Report
Roger G Lippross  

Plain Truth Newsstands continue to pull very well. The overall response seems to be increasing gradually month by month. A lot of credit is due to the men and women in the Church areas who make this program so successful. Mark Armstrong left our employment last week for personal reasons, so please direct your day-to-day queries or requests to Joanna Pilkington or Michelle Rasmussen, and to me on matters of policy, etc.

We have been having some problems recently with the new style boxes used for shipment of Newsstand P.T.S to the various areas. Please bear with us as we are upgrading the boxes to the original specifications.

One of the main jobs in the department at the moment is Mr. Herbert Armstrong's book, The Incredible Human Potential. We are pushing hard to have the book printed and hard-bound by October 1st ready for bulk delivery to Feast areas for free distribution to Church members. We shall be contacting Festival coordinators through Mr. McMichael's office later with details of how this should be handled. As Mr. Armstrong feels this is one of the most important books ever written, we are going to make the quality as good as we feel we can without being extravagant. It will have the appearance of a good quality hard-bound book that you will see in any book shop. Everest House will publish the book out of New York and we in Pasadena will do the production.

— Roger Lippross, Publishing

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Pastor General's ReportAugust 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 32