Pastor General's Report
Recent Developments In Editorial ServicesRecent Developments In Editorial Services
Brian Knowles  

Good news about the PLAIN TRUTH! We now have Mr. Herbert Armstrong's approval to proceed with an additional 16-page biblical signature of copy for the PT!

This will be of enormous help to the internationals. We will now be able to put the PT together in various ways to suit regional needs and yet retain compatibility of printing. Each month we will prepare four, self-contained signatures of copy, one of which will be entirely biblical. We will then put these together in various configurations considering local and regional needs.

We will be running some of the old stand-by reprint articles by Mr. Armstrong and others in this signature. These Will include articles on the holy days, tithing, and prophecy. We will emphasize material that will be of benefit to prospectives as well as to church members.

You will also note that Dexter Faulkner is running some biblical material in the GN for members. So we now have found ways to fill in the gap in our literature programs with regard to biblical and church-oriented materials.

The special biblical signature will be sent automatically to all members and co-workers worldwide. Various regional managers will have the option of deciding just who else may receive this special signature. The main consideration, of course, will be budgetary.

We are tentatively planning on beginning with the October-November U.S. edition.

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Pastor General's ReportJune 26, 1978Vol 2 No. 23