Greetings fellow ministersGreetings fellow ministers

Although I am still very busy with all the details involved in implementing directives of Mr. Herbert Armstrong (I am currently in Vancouver arranging last-minute details of our move to Pasadena), I want to update you concerning the Ambassador College School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies, and various personnel changes of the past few days and weeks.

As you know, Mr. HWA is once again able to be very active in the conduct of the Work. With growing stamina and his usual resolve to finish his God-given Commission, he is plunging into the day-to-day business of administrating the Work of God.

The Ambassador College School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies is to become the reorganized educational arm of God's Church. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong will, of course, be the chancellor and president. I have been made vice-chancellor of the school and Dr. Kuhn will be the administrative director under the vice-chancellor. Dr. George Geis has been appointed dean of faculty, and Raymond McNair has been named personal assistant to Herbert Armstrong for church and academic affairs. (See the organizational chart below. [See PDF])

The new biblical and ministerial center will probably not exceed 250 students. In addition to the on-going Certificate of the Ministry program (consisting of 30 units), there will also be a diploma in biblical studies for those young people with a high school diploma, and a 60-unit master of arts program open to graduates of four-year colleges leading to a functional role in the church.

Ray Wright will continue to direct the finances and business of the Work worldwide, and I have been asked to direct the ministry worldwide. Both of us are to direct these functions under Mr. Herbert Armstrong's personal supervision. In making one person director of all the ministry worldwide, the position of director of the International Division has obviously been eliminated. Leslie L. McCullough therefore has been reassigned to the Vancouver, B.C. office to head the Canadian Work where he will supervise activities under headquarters' direction. Bob Morton, director of the New Zealand area, who had been named in March to direct the Canadian Work, will now remain in New Zealand in his original responsibility.

Mr. Armstrong has also named Brian Knowles to be Editorial Coordinator for Church publications worldwide. No such post officially existed before the announcement. Mr. Armstrong further announced that Dexter Faulkner, formerly Assistant Managing Editor of the PT, has been named Managing Editor of the Worldwide News, replacing John Robinson who will now be pastor of the Fort Worth Church.

Mr. Herbert Armstrong wants to personally return to radio broadcasting within one month. He also plans to begin television broadcasting using our own facilities and equipment, especially the video-pod.

The recent changes point up the fact once again that this has always been a work of change. We have come a long way since the early days when the Work was being done by just Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Armstrong alone. As times and circumstances changed, the Work of God changed. Most importantly the Work adapted, and it grew. We live in a fast-paced world which is in a state of change and flux. We would be unrealistic not to expect God's church to also face change from time to time. To the Church of God, proper change should convey exciting, positive things. And so we can all look to the positive aspects of any changes that occur in God's Church and Work, mindful of our calling and the goal set before the flock of God which we always encourage and nurture.

Be sure to read the latest Worldwide News when it arrives. It expands on many of the items I mentioned above. That's all I have time for in this Pastor's Report.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 22, 1978Vol 2 No. 18