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Pastor General's Report
Center For Marriage And The Family To Be OpenedCenter For Marriage And The Family To Be Opened
Pastor General Staff  

Along with the many new developments taking place in the Work will be the establishment of a Center for Marriage and the Family. Operating in conjunction with the Ambassador Graduate School of Theology in Pasadena, the center will provide actual counseling services, a practicum program for the graduate school, and hopefully, a source of vital information on marriage and family counseling for the entire ministry. David Antion has been asked by Garner Ted Armstrong to guide the initial development of the new center and he will be assisted by Robert Oberlander. Mr. Antion said: "We expect that the center will provide not only a place to obtain marriage and family counseling, but more than that, it will deal with the causes of marital and family problems. This is family life education and will include areas such as premarital counseling, enrichment for healthy families, and preparing for children."

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Pastor General's ReportApril 17, 1978Vol 2 No. 13