Need Additional Help In Your Area?Need Additional Help In Your Area?
Robert D Oberlander  

A selected group of Ambassador College May graduates have submitted their resumes for publication in a Resume Book. These students, with backgrounds and job objective ranging from Accounting to Social Service, arc seeking full-time employment upon graduation. Many of these fine graduates are qualified to speak, teach (sabbath school), coordinate Y.O.U. and Teen activities and fulfill other positions of responsibility in your local church area. Frequently Seniors are geographically flexible and are willing to relocate.

If you know of current job openings in businesses in your area, or know of someone who might, and feel an Ambassador graduate could be helpful in your local area, we would be happy to forward a resume book to you. All Area Coordinators have received a copy of the resume book already. Please send your requests for books to Ambassador College, Career Services Office, 300 West Green St., Pasadena, CA 91123, or call 213-577-5020.

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 27, 1978Vol 2 No. 10