Panama Canal Program Draws Heavy ResponsePanama Canal Program Draws Heavy Response

The recently aired TV program on the Panama Canal had wide, general appeal especially since the Canal Treaty issue is before Congress. The WATS Section of MPC reported nearly 20,000 "busy outs" (incoming calls that received a busy signal due to all of our available lines being already used).

The Panama program generated many comments both from the phone calls and mail. Many people wanted to have copies of the broadcast to send to their senators or to the President. One lady asked if we could send a couple of copies in braille to Congress. She evidently felt they are blind!

The year-to-date mail count, as of the end of February, was 326,000 up 10.8% over last year. The WATS section reports an additional 99,000 registries for the year.

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Pastor General's ReportMarch 13, 1978Vol 2 No. 8