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How did the earth help the woman escape from the flood in Revelations?
The earth swallowed up the armies.

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Pastor General's Report
New York & New Jersey Churches Rise To The OccasionNew York & New Jersey Churches Rise To The Occasion
Keith Thomas  

As mentioned in the last Pastor's Report, AICF sponsored a concert this month in New York City. With less than two months in which to care for the myriad of details, church pastors recommended leading persons from their congregations who, in turn, were invited to participate in the project. Many fine talents and strengths were found in the churches - brethren with excellent managerial skills, outstanding public relations types, caterers and commercial artists were discovered. Also found were many youngsters and oldsters willing to do a lot of leg work (ticket distribution, etc.). Members had opportunity to meet leaders of the city and state.

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 12, 1977Vol 1 No. 6