Pastor General's Report
Festival Brochure UpdateFestival Brochure Update

Good news for the festival next Fall! The brochure has matured, come of age and is receiving widespread acceptance throughout the business community. The 1977 edition which used more color, photos and feature articles plus local advertising, has begun to attract the attention of national advertisers. Companies included in the 1978 brochure would represent large national advertisers such as franchise food service operators, national car rentals and national transportation organizations. If festival office efforts with these national organizations are successful, there should be direct benefits to each church family. It is possible that members may be able to enjoy special discounts when utilizing these facilities before, during and after the feast. For instance, a special discount card from a national food franchise operation could be available for members' use while driving to and from the site, as well as being used at the numerous outlets at each festival location. If we are successful in implementing this new approach, it will be further explained to the membership when this year's festival application is mailed.

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 21, 1977Vol 1 No. 3