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What claim did Paul make to avoid being beaten, in Jerusalem, by a Roman Centurion?
Roman citizenship.

Acts 22:25

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What's Wrong With the Younger Generation?

Here's an article written not for Youth 83, but for the proposed first issue of The Plain Truth, - in 1927! We think our Youth 83 readers will find this article highly informative today. THINK OF IT! The Sheik-Flapper" generation about which I wrote in 1927 is the 65-75-year-old generation TODAY! Can you imagine 65- and 70-year-olds the hell-bent sheiks and flappers of 1927? IMPOSSIBLE! Yet, it's TRUE! I can hardly believe it - and I doubt if you can! I wonder if you won't get a kick out of reading how "wild" and "sinful" were your grandparents and great-grandparents - when they were your age.

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