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The Strife in Palestine... a MUSSOLINI plot brings on World War?
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1938
Volume: Vol III, No.7
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The Strife in Palestine... a MUSSOLINI plot brings on World War?

Startling disclosures are here revealed, of events fulfilling Bible prophecies, and bringing on world WAR! The fate of the world is held perilously in the balance by two men, little known t o the world. Read who they are and what they are doing! THERE Major world movements are hurling the world, gradually but surely, into WORLD WAR! Two of these three factors already have been discussed. They are the Fascist-Nazi revival of the ROMAN EMPIRE, and Communist RUSSIA'S activity. These two evil forces are bringing about the prophesied grouping of nations into the three-sided triangle - FASCISM, COMMUNISM, DEMOCRACY.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1938Vol III, No.7
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