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At the death of Jesus, who said, "This was the son of God?"
The centurion.

Mark 15:39

World War may come within six weeks!
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1939
Volume: Vol IV, No.4
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World War may come within six weeks!

A Brief Summary of the European Situation. If this were Europe, you would see going thru your town or city many special trains, crowded with reservists enroute to military maneuvers. Would that make you stop and THINK? In Europe all nations are preparing their largest peacetime military maneuvers which will bring their armies to full war strength before Fall! Even the smaller nations South-eastern Europe-Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, are now mobilizing more than 2,000,000 men. They are hastening frontier fortifications at frantic speed. Armament factories are on 24-hour schedules. Germany has a standing army of one million men, and the number of reservists being assembled for August maneuvers is being kept strictly secret. Italian army war games are now in progress near the French frontier. Britain is preparing gigantic maneuvers of navy, army, and air force, and British newspapers are assuring their readers that Great Britain is now ready for any emergency.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1939Vol IV, No.4