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Which church era has the promise to sit with Jesus on his throne?

Revelation 3:21

What is the Soul?
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1940
Volume: Vol V, No.2
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What is the Soul?

Two young men look into this question for themselves. They are shocked, amazed, at what they find! Yet it is exactly what you will find, if you, too, look for the true FACTS, and PROOF, getting your definition from a reliable Bible Dictionary, the meaning of inspired Hebrew words, and the history of the origin of the present common conception. Here, surely, is food for thought! Here is an article that is DIFFERENT, surprising, refreshing, interesting. Here is an example of what we mean when we tell our radio listeners and readers. "Our people - the popular church - going MAJORITY - are in 'BABYLON' today! All nations have been deceived by the pagan traditions that emanated from 'Mother Rome,' cloaked as Bible Christianity. Most people today sincerely believe things just the opposite from the TRUTH. God's Word has been perverted, turned upside down!

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1940Vol V, No.2