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Why was King David not permitted to build the temple?
Because he was a warrior.

Plain Truth Magazine
September-October 1941
Volume: Vol VI, No.2
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WHAT does Hitler's invasion of Russia mean? What does BIBLE PROPHECY say about it? As usual, there are many ideas. So FEW, it seems, have a right understanding of the Bible and its prophecies. In September, 1939, following the announcement of the non-aggression pact between Hitler and Stalin which electrified the world, most of those who set themselves as teachers of Bible prophecy were shouting that this pact was the prophesied alliance between "Gog" and "Magog" of Ezekiel 38. But listeners of the Radio Church of God, and readers of The PLAIN TRUTH knew that it wasn't. And now, again, many are trying to fit the German invasion of Russia in some manner into the 38th of Ezekiel! But again we say to our readers, there is no connection whatever!

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember-October 1941Vol VI, No.2