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What did Jesus receive to drink while on the cross.
Vinegar with Hyssop

John 19:29

What is it to be
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What is it to be "SPIRITUAL"?

How often do we hear one say, "He is so SPIRITUAL; ...or, "Those people are not very spiritual." What is it to be "spiritual" - do you know? We need, just now, to be warned against being deceived into a false standard of spirituality. We need to examine the true scriptural standard. Four Things Usually Accepted As Sure Evidence; There are four things generally regarded as sure evidence of a spiritual mind. 1. Speech, noise, emotion, demonstration. 2. Knowledge of the Scriptures. 3. "Faith" 4. Rigid standard of righteousness. It will prove interesting, and profitable, to take a brief look at each, and measure according to the scriptural standard.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch-April 1942Vol VII, No.1