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Who am I: I am a woman in the New Testament. I was frustrated with housework. Mary was my sister and Lazarus my brother.

Luke 10:39-40; John 11:1

Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
August-September 1942
Volume: Vol VII, No.2
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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor

Do you trust men more than you trust God? You will answer, quickly, "NO!" But are you quite sure? Suppose you are flat "broke," and without a single morsel of food in the house for your hungry children for breakfast next morning, and no visible possibility or hope of obtaining any, Would you sleep better in this situation if you should receive a cashier's check for five dollars, on the strongest bank in your city or county, - or if you had absolutely NOTHING to put under your pillow but the BIBLE, which contains this promise: "My God shall supply all your need, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus?" (Phil. 4:19 The cashier's check is THE WORD OF MAN. The Bible is THE WORD OF GOD. In either case, you have merely a WRITTEN PROMISE - one, from MAN, the other, from GOD. In this condition, would you not sleep a little more comfortably with MAN'S promise under your pillow, than with GOD'S?

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust-September 1942Vol VII, No.2