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On what occasion did Israel give so liberally they had to be restrained?
When building the tabernacle.

Exodus 36:6

Plain Truth Magazine
March-April 1943
Volume: Vol VIII, No.1
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JUST what IS "Armageddon"? Will it be the last battle of this present world war? Will the United States and British armies be defending Palestine in that battle? Read in this article, the amazing answer. You will probably be astonished! We hear a great deal, nowadays, about "Armageddon." Yet few know what it is. Like most other topics of biblical prophecy, nearly everyone has accepted without question what is popularly taught on this subject. And, as in most other questions, the people have been turned away from the truth, and have unthinkingly embraced fables. When World War I first broke out, many began excitedly to proclaim "This is the Armageddon war!"

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch-April 1943Vol VIII, No.1