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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1944
Volume: Vol IX, No.1
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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor

I was much interested, the other day, in reading "The Inquiring Photographer" column of an Eastern newspaper. Six people, encountered at random at a certain city center, were photographed, and asked the question of the day. Their answers, together with their pictures, fill the column. The question for this day: "Says a radio philosopher, 'Happiness does not come from being loved, but from loving.' Is it true?" That is the eternal question of the ages on which all life experiences revolve. To find the right answer to that question, and to follow it, was the purpose of the Almighty in creating human beings upon earth. Seven millenniums-seven thousand years - have been marked off for the human family to find the true answer to that question.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1944Vol IX, No.1