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Are Ration Coupons the MARK of the BEAST?
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1944
Volume: Vol IX, No.1
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Are Ration Coupons the MARK of the BEAST?

Every little while someone makes an astounding discovery - and proclaims it to all who will listen. He has at last discovered the mysterious "MARK of the BEAST!" It was inevitable that some have now "discovered" that the baffling "mark" has at last appeared. It is, they say, the ration coupons, without which you cannot buy many necessities and your dealer cannot sell them. No sooner had the Soviet adopted the hammer and sickle than a number of evangelists, ministers, and "Bible authorities" came forth with the proclamation that it was the "mark." When the Nazis popularized the swastika, there were those who excitedly warned us that it was the "mark." For years many have been going up and down the land convincing the gullible that the "fasces" on our United States dimes is the dread "mark."

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1944Vol IX, No.1