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Who are we: We are scattered and very small. We are persecuted by all. We keep God's commandments and it sure makes us a happy lot. One day we will shed this body, and rise to meet Jesus Christ in the sky.
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Why YOU Are Alive - A Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
January-February 1945
Volume: Vol X, No.1
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Why YOU Are Alive - A Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor

WHY are you alive? For what purpose did God put you here on this earth? Do you know? This is the greatest, most important question your mind can contemplate just now - the most vital question of life, yet the one most people think about the least. If, as some believe, God's purpose in our being alive is to get us "saved" - and if, as so many believe, all there is to getting "saved" is accepting Christ as Saviour, then WHY is it that God does not instantly take each one to his reward as soon as he accepts Christ - away from all the continuous trials, heart - aches, and sufferings of this life?

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary-February 1945Vol X, No.1