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Daniel 2

WHERE is this ATOMIC AGE Leading?
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1948
Volume: Vol XIII, No.1
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WHERE is this ATOMIC AGE Leading?

Now scientists have made snow, will they soon prevent hurricanes, banish lightning, control the weather? Are you keeping abreast of this twentieth century "MARCH OF SCIENCE?" At the turn of the century, we were beginning to see the "horseless carriage" on our streets. A little later we began to actually see men fly in the air. But now, as we approach the middle of the century, we enter the new "Atomic Age." We hear of the marvelous blessings that may come to us thru the miracle of atomic power. The rocket is here, and already we have seen photographs of this earth taken 100 miles up in space. And now, in laboratories, physicists have produced man - made snow, and in a laboratory in Schenectady, N.Y., it is possible to flounder your way thru a Man - made blizzard.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1948Vol XIII, No.1