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Where was Paul when he saw the inscription to an "unknown god"?

Acts 17:21-23

Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
January-February 1949
Volume: Vol XIV, No.1
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Heart to Heart Talk With the Editor

THE OTHER day a young man came out to the college to see me. He had written two or three times asking me to pray for healing of an affliction caused by an accident, and each time I had prayed for him and sent him an anointed cloth, according to the example set by the apostle Paul (Acts 19). "I came to see you," he said, "to ask you to pray for me again. I simply can't understand why I wasn't healed." "Oh, weren't you healed?" I asked. "How do you know you weren't?" "Why, I still have this nervousness. I still FEEL it." "Is that how you KNOW?" I asked. "Of course," he replied. Well, there was his trouble. What would it be worth to you if I could tell you exactly how you could always pray to God for every need, for help and deliverance from every trouble, and always get the answer? If I could show YOU a way to always KNOW YOU are going to actually get what you ask of God?

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary-February 1949Vol XIV, No.1