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In what city will the two witnesses be killed?

Revelation 11:8

Under Cover IN EUROPE
Plain Truth Magazine
November 1949
Volume: Vol XIV, No.3
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Under Cover IN EUROPE

On the surface, this is a time of comparative quietude in world conditions. Russia has not attacked. The war-scare has abated. Europe is making an economical come - back. But UNDER COVER all is not so quiet. Gullible Uncle Sam is being duped again. Here is a startling exposure of what is brewing UNDER COVER in Europe - and what is PROPHESIED from here! Russia has produced and test - exploded an atomic bomb! But Russia has not started another war. Why? Fundamentally because no such war appears on the prophesied schedule of the purpose being worked out here below. More specifically because Russia has been WARNED: - that the United States now has a large enough stock - pile of atomic bombs and other new weapons of devastation to immobilize the Russian nation; - that America can deliver those weapons in quantity; - that America can kill or maim in the first raids during the first hours of any new war a staggering proportion of the people in Russia's key cities; - that the targets are selected, the crews alerted day and night, the planes ready; - and that this terrible retaliation will strike Russia the very day Russia attacks any free nation or the United States.

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1949Vol XIV, No.3