Putting the EVOLUTION Concept Into YOUR CHILD'S MIND
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1950
Volume: Vol XV, No.2
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Putting the EVOLUTION Concept Into YOUR CHILD'S MIND

Most of us are outraged when we hear of the wrong being inflicted upon Russian childhood by Russian propagandists. The Soviet Government has compelled the teaching of Communism to Russian children. Thus the Bolshevists expect to make Russia safe for their particular beliefs. Yet we give our silent assent to the practice of far more dangerous methods upon our own children. This device of controlling education, so that the citizen's ideas are fixed long before he arrives at the years of discretion, is one of the oldest of human customs. If children are caught young enough, their minds can be definitely shaped to accept partisan propaganda for truth.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1950Vol XV, No.2