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What did the city of Nineveh do to prevent being destroyed?
The king declared a fast and they turned from their evil ways.

Jonah 3:6

Does It Matter Which Days We Observe? - PART VIII
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.1
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Does It Matter Which Days We Observe? - PART VIII

Here is an eye - opening answer to a very controversial question! About three years ago an elderly man approached me one day and said, "I have been puzzled and confused all my life. I used to believe that the apostle Paul taught the church in Galatia not to observe any holidays. But recently I read a verse in which Paul apparently told the Christians at Rome that it didn't matter which days they observed if they kept them to God. "Now my question is this: How can I know what is the real Bible teaching? It seems to me that Paul contradicts himself." Yes, just HOW CAN WE KNOW? Millions have worried about this question but have never heard the real answer.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1953Vol XVIII, No.1