Plain Truth Magazine
July 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.2
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The Campus Editor  

   Following are articles written by students of Ambassador College on student activities to give you the story of their jam-packed lives on the campus. Uniting their forces in a magnificent display of musical ability and beauty, the Ambassador Chorale and Mrs. Beverly Armstrong Gott, under the able direction of Mr. Leon Ettinger and Mrs. Lucy Martin terminated the Spring Music Festival in a manner even above the expectations of the audience.
   For the past few years, the students of voice and piano have taken part in a Spring Music Festival here at Ambassador, presenting to the public the best of their achievements during the year. This year, the Festival was presented in four different sessions to enable all the talent to be displayed.
   As the serious work of getting out the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world has grown, so too has the enthusiasm, coupled with the abilities and gifts, of the students of Ambassador College. This year brings with it a milestone in the advancement of the work, and that milestone marks also the establishment of a new record in student activities. Topping the list is the Spring Music Festival.
   Beginning at the first of this school year, Mr. Ettinger started coaching the Ambassador Chorale. With raw material young men and women who had, for the most part, no previous musical training, Mr. Ettinger has worked hard all year to bring to the public this spring something that would be worthwhile. With the willing cooperation of all the students, he has accomplished much more than that.
   More surprised than any at the advancement of student abilities were the students themselves. The achievement of a single year of intensive training is an outstanding challenge to future students. Mrs. Martin, in her capacity as piano instructor and head of the Music Department of Ambassador, is to be praised as much as any for her artful and inspiring work with students. Her kind and thoughtful encouragements, her high standards and her meticulous care have been a God send to all who have had the privilege to study under her.
   Mrs. Beverly Gatt Mr. Armstrong's daughter has studied voice for several years, and many of you have heard her sing on the World Tomorrow Program. On this final evening of the Spring Music Festival, May 30, 1953, she offered her first public recital in conjunction with that of the Ambassador Chorale.
   A hush fell over the audience as Mr. Armstrong, president of the college, announced the beginning of the last session of the Festival. As Mr. Armstrong introduced Mr. Ettinger, a tide of expectation moved the audience; and in that moment of bated breath, the Ambassador Chorale was introduced. Following three numbers by the Chorale, Mrs. Gott sang her first song, "a Mia Fernando," from the opera "La Favorita" by Donizetti. Most of the audience had heard her sing over the air, some had heard her sing in church, but all were moved that night as the true beauty of her voice came out in the triumph of her first recital. Again the Chorale sang, featuring the arrangement of "Shrimp Boats" with a solo part by Ted Armstrong also a Scott arrangement of "Green Sleeves," an old Welch air, with a solo by Rod Meredith.
   Like the players in a ball game, first the Chorale and then Mrs. Gott "went up to bat" with their music. Mrs. Gott ended with "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice" from the opera Samson and Delilah. The Chorale ended with the powerful "Battle Hymn of the Republic," in which Mrs. Gott sang the solo part to bring the evening to a thrilling close... united talents in a song of unity.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1953Vol XVIII, No.2