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Name the city in Asia Minor referred to by John as having a lukewarm church?

Revelation 3:14

Inside Story of the Coronation
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.2
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Inside Story of the Coronation

Here is the little-known, but gripping inside account of England's royal family - of Elizabeth II. A queen has been crowned - a queen of the oldest ruling dynasty in the world! For weeks London has been filled with festive preparations for the coronation of Elizabeth II. The whole world waited in nervous expectation as plans were announced to have films of the coronation ceremony flown by jet across the Atlantic in order to be televised to the whole United States. To most Englishmen the coronation is THE important ceremony of a generation, filled as it is with pomp, color and tradition. Britains proudly boast that in a world seething with revolutionary outbursts they still possess a royal monarch. Yet the real significance was not the pomp and ceremony, the ritual of the Church of England to which Englishmen cling to provide consolation from their troubles.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1953Vol XVIII, No.2