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Name the book in the Bible consisting of a five chapter poem of laments.

Power for the Asking
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.3
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Power for the Asking

Catherine was going to die before long. The doctors had said so. And they should know. Or should they? Anyway, her operation was to be in about ten more days. The doctors had said it would help - but one lung was already shot through with tuberculosis, and would have to be removed. In her condition, death was probably only a matter of months. She didn't want to die! She had hoped the doctors could help - but they only shook their heads sadly and stared at the floor. They could give her a few more months perhaps - but that was all. Why would God let her die like this? WHY?

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1953Vol XVIII, No.3