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What did the lost son in the parable do with all the money his father gave him?
He squandered it.

Luke 15:13

Plain Truth Magazine
October 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.5
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The Campus Editor  

Following are articles written by students on student activities to give you the story of our jam-packed lives on the campus. We hope you won't mind if we occasionally poke a little fun at ourselves - striving human beings are always funny - and no matter how serious minded, our frailties wink. The Campus Editor. "College Has Begun" by George A. Meeker, Jr. The Ambassador College campus again hums with the activity of new students. The 1953 - 54 year has brought the largest enrollment of new students we have ever had. There are as many new students this year as comprised the whole student body in the 1950 - 51 year. From four students in 1947 the college has grown to an undergraduate enrollment of 56 not including the nine in the Ambassador School of Theology. The Texans, of course, outnumber those from other states, but where they come from isn't what counts.

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1953Vol XVIII, No.5